Learnstream is a series of several projects exploring learing on the web with video, problem solving, and spaced repetition.


Rudinium is intended as a “video dictionary” for the material we filmed for Harvey Mudd’s Real Analysis course. Users can search for a definition or theorem in the course and then see a description and video clip.

Of course, we didn’t stop there. We created quizzes for many of the items so that they could all be studied on a spaced repetition schedule. (Check out the extracted Spaceable gem to use spaced repetition on any Rails model.)

We also supplied full video lectures with synchronized notes.


Learnstream Atomic was created in the summer of 2011 for Harvey Mudd College by four students. Our target audience was students entering Harvey Mudd that wanted to brush up on physics and calculus.

Atomic again used the concept of spaced repetition, but we had a more sophisticated user model that allowed solving a single problem to count as a review for several knowledge components (called “concepts” in the interface). We represented knowledge components as questions, which were answered in our concept dictionary. Users can scrutinize the system’s evaluation of their strength for each component.

The material for physics was presented as lessons using video from MIT OpenCourseWare and Khan Academy. The video lessons included embedded questions. After viewing a lesson, relevant concepts were unlocked so that they could be practiced and reviewed with the study interface.